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작성일23-01-14 20:16
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RACHEL RICKARD STRAUS: I've learned some money lessons

Pinch me. This is my first issue as editor of Britain's best, boldest and most-loved wealth and personal finance section. What a privilege - and a dream - to be at the helm. 
With deputy editor Toby Walne, group editor Jeff Prestridge, and our team of brilliant writers, I look forward to building on the section's rich tradition. We'll be fighting your corner, helping you to grow your wealth and to eke out every last drop of value from your hard-earned cash. 
As I look forward, I've also found myself reflecting on the year gone by and the lessons it taught me that I'm bringing into 2023.

So I thought I'd share with you my top money lessons of 2022 - the serious… and the not so serious. I'd love to hear yours too. Please email me at rachel.rickard@mailonsunday.co.u
r>p> It's good to share: Rachel has found herself reflecting on the year gone by and the lessons it taught her that she's bringing into
r>p>Delay Repay is a game-changer Late last year, I was booked on a train that was running close to an hour behind schedule.

But rather than getting frustrated, I found myself hoping I'd be delayed by another few minute
r>p>That is because last year I started using Delay Repay, a system by which the longer you are delayed the more of the ticket price you are reimburse
r>p>In the end my train was delayed by an hour, so I received the full cost of my ticket back.
The payment landed in my bank account just a few days late
r>p> RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP Any delay from 15 minutes upwards would have earned me some compensation. Of course, I was lucky that I wasn't in a great rush - and I would not have been so sanguine if I'd suffered weeks of train delays and cancellations as so many commuters hav
r>p>But for me, it took the stress out of the situation. I have Jeff Prestridge to thank for prompting me to use Delay Repay.

r>p> Good businesses are not always good investments Few would dispute that Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Tesla are great businesses.

r>p>Their share prices, which had been soaring in recent years, plunged by 50, 27, 29 and 65 per cent respectivel
r>p>It was a good reminder that the quality of a business is not solely what makes it a good investment - it's how much you pay for it as w
r>p>Think twice before buying imaginary things The value of cryptoc You can still buy a round for under a tenner Just before Christmas I met friends for a drink in Wetherspoons.

I hadn't been to one in ages. I bought a round - three glasses of Merlot, a pint and 대바엑스 half of beer - and it came to